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Electronic Tongue

A potenciometric liquid sensor combining with AI
that mimics the human tongue.

Electronic Nose -G

A chemiresistive or gravimetric gas sensor array based on gas sensors combined with AI that mimics the human nose.

Lensless Eye

A portable lensfree microscope combining LED, CMOS sensor, and AI that mimics the human eye.

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Medical applications

Optimizing medical applications, reduce consumable cost, and minimize your time to get the results.

Food industries and Halal

Discover how embracing the AI integrated system can lead the quality of food industries and innovative supply chains.

Quality control

Professionalize your approach to detect the changes and what’s possible for quality control system.

Veterinary Applications

Optimizing veterinary applications, reduce consumable cost, and minimize your time to get the results.


Drugs sensing are promising tools for the study of disease and development in many ways.


Transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of New integrated AI system.

“Based on science and technology development, our Nanosense team always strives for innovation and excellence to create products that can deliver positive impacts on individuals, society, and environment.“

Dr. -Ing. Hutomo Suryo Wasisto


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